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Model 2350-1

The general purpose Model 2350-1 is a ratemeter / scaler / data logger designed to satisfy a wide range of applications. The large backlit LCD presents bar graphs, digital readings, and logged data on an 8-line by 15-character display. Up to 1000 data points can be stored, along with the location, date/time stamp, detector, count mode, count time, logging mode, and sample number. Location code information can be input via an optional bar code reader.

The five-decade range is fully auto-ranging with a wide-range, high-voltage supply capable of supporting virtually any detector. Up to 16 detector setups can be stored internally to facilitate swapping probes in the field. A single channel analyzer allows selecting the energy range of interest, and alarms are available in both the ratemeter and scaler counting modes. The front panel is relatively simple with an instrument power switch, a LCD backlight switch, an audio divide switch, an audio volume knob, and an alarm acknowledge/display scroll push button. Starting the scaler count cycle or logging data is accomplished by pressing the button located on the instrument handle. Other front-panel items are an RS-232 serial port and a wand port for connection to a bar code reader.

The instrument housing is cast aluminum with separate battery compartment, and includes a metal carrying handle. The Model 2350-1 offers a robust, high quality, fully featured, handheld radiation measuring instrument designed to cover any application or measurement criteria you may ever need.

  • Large Digital Display
  • Stores 1000 Data Points
  • Auto-ranging
  • Stores 16 Detector Setups
  • Overload Protection
  • Alarms
  • Wide Range High Voltage
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