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Model 3014

The Ludlum Model 3014 is a durable, lightweight instrument with both an internal energy-compensated gamma detector and a connection for an external detector. It features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and audible alarms and is controlled using a simple five-button interface. The unit body is made of high-impact plastic and splash-resistant construction allows the instrument to be used outdoors.

  • Internal Gamma Detector for Survey / Accumulated Dose
  • Can Be Used with a Variety of External Detectors
  • General Purpose Survey Meter
  • Rate, Max, Integrated Dose, and Count Modes
  • Alpha, Beta, or Alpha+Beta Capable
  • Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) Capable
  • Large Backlit LCD for Ease of Reading
  • 4-Button Intuitive Interface for Easy Operation
  • 1-Button Handle Interface for Data Logging
  • Digital Calibration, Data Logging, Auto-Ranging, USB
  • Bluetooth, True RS-232, and Headphone Options
  • Alternative to Ludlum Models 14C and 2221
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