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Model Cobia Flex Flexible X-Ray QA Tool


  • Quickly Ascertain X-Ray Output Accuracy
  • Large 320 x 240 Pixel Color Display
  • Built-In mAs for Versatility
  • Display Rotates for Ease of Positioning

The Cobia Flex is a straightforward and simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct. The measured values can be read directly from the large, easy-to-read display and can also be stored in the device to be read later.

The internal detector can measure dose, dose rate, kV, HVL, TF, and time. External probes can also be connected to make the Cobia Flex suit your specific needs. A built-in mAs is included, but can be deselected if not required.

The Cobia Flex has no position dependence, just place it under the beam and make sure the detector area is irradiated. There is no need to reset the device between your measurements, so you can stay in the control room until all your measurements are made. The practical log function makes it possible for you to read your measurements when you have the time.

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