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Model L-116 CR/DR TG-116 Filter Holder Set

One of the key benefits of Digital Radiography (DR) is the ability to make image quality corrections after the exposure has been made. Image contrast, density, and brightness values are easily controlled at workstation display screens. Initial exposure settings are greatly simplified with DR. The technologist has significantly wider exposure latitude when setting up techniques for imaging various parts of the anatomy. However, this wide exposure latitude can also lead to potentially excessive patient exposure and subtle reductions in quality due to increased noise levels in the image.

A recent report by the AAPM (Task Group 116) has suggested a mechanism to monitor the radiation exposure and noise level of the typical digital detector. The process involves using a standard range of exposure techniques, and by adding or subtracting specific layers of beam hardening filters to simulate the filtration associated with various body tissues. The information obtained from the filtered beam spectrum would provide an exposure deviation index (DI) that could be used to determine the appropriate exposure needed to produce a quality (and dose appropriate) image of a given body part.

The new Ludlum CR/DR TG-116 Filter Holder Set is designed to simplify the filtration requirements needed to achieve the needed beam hardening conditions necessary to reach the desired Exposure DI for the various anatomical views being established.

The copper filter is permanently bonded to the polycarbonate base material. The copper filter is covered with an acrylic pocket. The pocket, open on one side, will hold all of the provided filters*. The polycarbonate material is easily cut with a standard utility knife or shears to accommodate the two most common collimator track sizes in a given department. The base may also be attached with the provided hook-and-loop strips for odd sized collimators.

*The TG-116 Filter Holder comes with four 1 mm Al filters and one 0.5 mm Al filter.

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