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Model L-501, L-523, L-538 High Resolution Test Patterns


  • Used for Spatial Resolution Measurements
  • Quick, Simple, and Accurate Procedure
  • Used to Evaluate Imaging Systems and Magnification Techniques
  • Different Resolution Range for Each Test Pattern
  • Line Pair Ranges per mm Are Shown on Each Pattern for Easy Identification

Ludlum Measurements offers a variety of test patterns for measuring resolution. The choice of pattern depends on the specific application. The sector test patterns are 0.4, and the group test patterns have varying numbers of line pair groups. Thicknesses are limited by the resolution, with a maximum thickness of 0.1 mm for test patterns up to 5 LP/mm. Radiopaque numbers indicate the resolution (in LP/mm) of each group.

X-Ray Test Patterns for Measuring Resolution of Image Intensifiers and Video Systems

Patterns containing two line groups of each resolution value are typically recommended for imaging systems. The groups in these types of patterns are perpendicular to each other. These patterns are recommended when screen image or video intensifiers are to be tested. It is good practice to place them in various locations covering the entire area of an imaging field.

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