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Model L-745 X-Ray Generator Output Detector

The Ludlum Model L-745 X-ray Generator Output Detector provides a simple way to confirm X-ray generator performance. By connecting the detector directly to a digital scope, a storage scope, or a standard oscilloscope camera, the device will display intensity and time relationships of the X-ray beam to illustrate real-time operation.

The detector supplies a minimum 200 mV signal at typical diagnostic settings (80 kVp / 100 mA), which together with the better than 1 µs rise time, provides a true X-ray output pulse.

Using the device is straightforward. The detector, while connected to a standard oscilloscope, is simply placed in the X-ray beam. Examining the resulting waveform will enable a variety of potential X-ray issues to be identified. The general applications include measurement of exposure time, rectifier problems, cable or connector arcing, and general verification of X-ray operation. Model L-745 applications include documentation, verification, and troubleshooting of X-ray system operation. The detector is weighted for easy placement and uses a BNC-type connector.

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