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A Highly Advanced Non-Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge
AASHTO T343 and ASTM D7113

The InstroTek NoNuke is a highly advanced dielectric asphalt density gauge specifically designed to increase accuracy and dependability. The NoNuke’s unique algorithm automatically corrects and alerts the operator of issues like surface-roughness, temperature, and presence of moisture that can negatively affect the accuracy and repeatability of test results. 



The NoNuke’s multiple innovative sensors can automatically correct for surface-roughness by varying signal depth along the asphalt layer. Unique placed internal and external temperature sensors measure gauge and pavement temperatures to ensure the gauge is within the operating temperature and advanced temperature corrections are applied to density measurements. Moisture presence warning also will alert the operator of high moisture content in the asphalt pavement while the non-contact warning assures the gauge is positioned correctly and making proper contact with the asphalt pavement. These unique and innovative system checks are built into the NoNuke to continually monitor its environment and produce the best and most accurate test results.

The NoNuke requires NO license, special transportation requirements or radioactive certifications. 

  • Meets and exceeds the requirement of ASTM D7113 and AASHTO T343
  • Daily Gauge functionality check
  • Automatic correction models for surface roughness effect
  • Non-optimum gauge contact to surface warning
  • Pavement moisture presence warning
  • Project and Special Calibration storage for up to 25 Mixes with GPS location
  • Mobile App reporting for any Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • GPS for Precise Location Data
  • Latest Software updates via USB flash drive
  • 2GB of Internal Storage for Easily Reviewing and managing project data in the gauge
  • Linear and non-linear calibration routines for accurate density results
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